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Experience our Battle Ropes yoga class, Power Vinyasa yoga class and Buti yoga class.


class description

NEW! the buti // Engage the core while tribal beats inspire primal movements in this 60-minute yoga class. Build cardio endurance, strength training and flexibility by transitioning through seamless poses.

NEW! the yogi ropes // An intense 60-minute full body work out combining a 15-minute yoga flow warm up, followed by 30 minutes of ab crushing battle ropes and a 15-minute yoga cool down to end in sweet, sweet savasana.

NEW! the power flow // A more advanced version of 'the flow' class. Move through quick flowing postures to improve balance, build overall strength and lean muscle mass, in this 60-minute, vinyasa flow yoga class set to hip-hop and R&B music.

NEW! the chillout // Relax and rejuvenate with this restorative hatha flow class. Breathe deeply through a gentle 45-minute yoga sequence set to mellow tunes. Release tension, improve alignment and increase flexibility. The yoga sequence is followed by a 15-minute guided yoga nidra (yogic sleep).

the trap // This 60-minute vinyasa yoga flow is set to heavy baselines of hip-hop and trap music. Center yourself while enjoying the beats that surround you as you move through quick yoga sequences.

the sculpted yogi // Burn maximum calories in this 60-minute, upbeat, cardio sculpt yoga class set to pop and R&B music. Hand held weights, core work and cardio reps are incorporated to improve overall strength and build lean muscle mass.

the flow // A detoxifying, fast-paced 60-minute vinyasa yoga class that uses fluid movement to build up a healthy sweat while enjoying motivating music. This style of yoga pairs breath with every movement to develop your intention for each practice.

the hype // Lengthen, strengthen and center yourself in our mat pilates class set to the hottest hip hop sounds to keep you motivated. This 60-minute fusion class is part pilates, part yoga, and part tabata for the ultimate challenge.

the mat // Regain alignment with focused movements created to work every muscle in the body effectively. This 60-minute mat pilates class will lengthen and strengthen the body using a non-impact and non-weight bearing discipline while keeping pace to the sounds of R&B and pop hits.

the hungover yogi // Relieve stress and sweat out last night's toxins in this Sunday night, 60-minute, slow-paced yoga and meditation class. Hold passive poses for a longer duration to build flexibility followed by a 15-minute mini meditation session to mentally prepare for the week ahead.

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Don't worry, we got you. All of our classes are for all levels. No previous experience required and our instructors always provide modifications if you feel like you're struggling. We have mat rentals ($2), bottled water ($1) and sticky socks are not required for our routines. Below is a quick checklist so you're ready for your first visit!

  • Make sure to get your class pass online
  • Book your class through our online app
  • Arrive 5-10 minutes early
  • Annnnnddddd flow...


There is ample parking in the 2 parking lots available to the studio. Both are on 27th street; One is directly behind the studio and the other is at the corner of 27th Street and Flower Street. Please feel free to call the studio if the parking lots are difficult to find.



Now offering classes at 8:45pm!


5-6pm // the Buti NEW
Amber Costilow
6:15-7:15pm // the flow
Karina Moore
7:30-8:30pm // the yogi ropes NEW (Online registration recommended)
Vicky Mendez
8:45-9:45pm // the sculpted yogi
Vicky Marina (sub for Lena Altaffer 8/21/17)


5-6pm // the flow (all levels)
Lena Altaffer
6:15-7:15pm // the hype
Beldina Nyadwe
7:30-8:30pm // the power flow NEW
Keisha Bolden
8:45-9:45pm // the trap
Keisha Bolden


5-6pm // the buti NEW
Amber Costilow
6:15-7:15pm // the flow
Karina Moore
7:30-8:30pm // the yogi ropes NEW (online registration recommended)
Vicky Marina
8:45-9:45pm // the sculpted yogi
Vicky Marina


5-6pm // the flow (all levels)
Aaron Duncan (sub for Lena Altaffer 8/17/17)
6:15-7:15pm // the mat
Yara Figueroa-Ross
7:30-8:30pm // the power flow NEW
Laura Borda (sub for Keisha Bolden 8/17/17)
8:45pm-9:45pm// the chillout NEW
Laura Borda (sub for Keisha Bolden)


5-6pm // the power flow NEW
Beldina Nyadwe (sub for Laura Borda 8/18/17)
6:15-7:15pm // the hype
Beldina Nyadwe
7:30-8:30pm // the trap (online registration recommended)
Aaron Duncan


12:00-1:00pm // the mat
Beldina Nyadwe
1:15-2:15pm // the buti NEW
Amber Costilow


8:00-9:00pm // the hungover yogi
Aaron Duncan (sub for Lena Altaffer 8/20/17)