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As most others, we here at Studio 262, have read reports, watched Youtube videos and heard countless stories of the devastation left behind after hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico back in September of this year. With one of our own instructors, Yara Figueroa-Ross, being Puerto Rican and having family living in Puerto Rico during the storm, we wanted to do our part to help. As we looked for ways to help, the universe stepped in and pointed us in the right direction. While dropping off her daughter at school, the owner of the studio saw a sign posted on the door asking for donation items to be sent to a small town in Puerto Rico, Loiza. The residents of Loiza are still without electricity and are expected to be without electricity until February of 2018. If you’d like to add to our shipment that will be delivered to Perry Meadows Learning Center on November 14, 2017, please feel free to deliver any goods to the studio prior to that date. You can also leave donation items directly with the school as well. Perry Meadows Learning Center is located at 1986 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018. Ask for Mr. Scott. And as an added thank you, Studio 262 will give you a free class for any items donated! Below is a list of items desperately needed:

Monetary donations

Air mattresses or $18 (includes shipping)


Feminine hygiene products

First aid kits

Hand sanitizer

Solar powered batteries (AAA, AA & D)

Flash lights

Propane fuel

Water purification tablets

Small radios

Mosquito repellent

Rubber gloves

Solar phone chargers

the morning routine that saved my mornings

I am the person who is chronically late. No matter what, I always think I can get ready in a shorter amount of time than is actually needed. I've finally come to terms with the fact that it takes me an hour and a half to get dressed for the day. I used a morning routine that I've read about millions of times but finally decided to try it. And it works! Take a peak and modify it so it works for you. 


Set out your clothes the night before

All of us don’t work at a yoga studio, so it entails a bit more than grabbing a pair of leggings, a uniform tank and flip flops. So, if you have to look presentable and corporate ready, pick out your outfit (and accessories!) the night before. You can also plan out your outfit in the shower or while cooking dinner. Then all you have to do is grab everything and put it on one hanger for the next morning.

Pre set your coffee maker (or pre mix your smoothie)

Set your coffeemaker the night before so it starts to brew while you’re still waking up. The smell of coffee is something amazing to wake up to. If you’re not a coffee person like myself. Prep all your ingredients for a smoothie in the blender so all you have to add is add ice and blend. If you don’t use ice simply place the container on the blender and blend away!

Wake up earlier

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can get ready leisurely or use that time to simply wake up slowly. If you’re like me you’ll need an extra 30 minutes, I just hate getting up…ugh.

Go to the light

Daylight is a natural way to wake up, so open the blinds immediately after the alarm goes off. I even sleep with the blinds open so the natural sunlight pours in when it’s time to wake up.

Drink water

Just do it. Pour a tall glass of water and sip on it from the time you wake up to the time you leave. I make a pitcher of water with sliced lemons and pieces of fresh mint for the week and pour up a glass every morning.

Do a flow

This sounds tougher than it is…the last thing you want to do is exercise the moment you wake up but this shouldn’t be a high intensity workout. It should be just enough to dampen the skin with sweat so your heart rate is accelerated. I do about a 10 minute vinyasa flow.This can also be any form of exercise you like, as long as you break a light sweat.

Get ready

Follow your normal beauty routine. Shower, read the paper, exfoliate, etc.

Set one goal

Before walking out the door, set one goal that you will attain today. No matter what, this will be the one thing you check off of your to-do list TODAY. And not something you would normally do anyway, like feed the dog or brush your teeth. No cheating!

Leave on time

Pick the time you need to leave the house to be on time and actually be locking the door to your place and leaving at that time. Not 10 minutes later but on time.

Eat breakfast

The worst way to start the day is on an empty stomach. Grab the smoothie you made earlier or grab a pice of fruit and breakfast bar on the way out the door. Just make sure you eat something.

no moooo-re dairy or meat

Get it, like a cow..."moooo". Because dairy and meat... Ok, I'll stop now.

So it seems the 262 squad has gone the way of so many others after watching the hit Netflix documentary, "what the health". The documentary centers on the food industry and its multilayered misleading advertising, large health organizations and the American diet. The documentary is powerful and has caused millions of Americans to go cold turkey (...literally) - cutting out all meat, dairy and animal by products, including the staff at Studio 262. It's now been 4 weeks since going vegan and it seemed easy enough in the beginning. Eating lots of fruits, veggies, and grains seemed fun. Knowing we were eating clean and getting lots of exercise at an amazing yoga and pilates studio (can you guess which one??? HA!). However, there are only so many salads and different ways to make sauteed veggies over quinoa or brown rice. After a few weeks food just becomes down right boring.

So instead of chucking the whole vegan diet we thought we'd enlist our 262 community and start a challenge. Let's post a delicious vegan recipe and tag the studio (@studiotwosixtwo). And no you don't have to be vegan yourself; this is just about sharing information and helping improve someone elses day! We'll post for one week straight and at the end of the week there will be a prize given to the recipe with the most likes! The winner will receive one week of free classes at Studio 262!! Ah-mazing!! The challenge will start on Friday, September 1st so you have plenty of time to start pulling some great recipes! Yummmm!

*Winner announced on 9/8/17.

changing my class at a time


A few months ago, I was interviewed for a piece on our trap yoga classes offered at Studio 262. I thought it was merely about the new trend that is building a huge following in the yoga world. But I was blown away at how much Anita Little, the interviewer, "got" me. She wrote a beautiful piece about my vision for my community, my studio and how I am using fitness to make a positive impact on the neighborhood that raised me. Check out this beautifully written article on Studio 262 & trap yoga.

the "F" word

It's such a mean, nasty word..."Fat". And in the world of yoga and the fitness industry overall, the stigma is so damaging to the mental being. Who says that yoga is only for the thin and fit? It is difficult to know it isn't by scrolling through the endless photos on social media of long, lean bodies contorted into odd positions. But Studio 262 is accepting the challenge to SHATTER this stereotype. Yoga is for everyone! Tag your photos #beautifulby262 ! Here is some inspiration for all of us!


We don't realize how powerful our words are. We must use them to provoke change throughout the world! And if these words are not motivating enough just stare at this beautiful man! You're welcome ;)


words are only as good as the response to those words.

- Jessie Williams

Studio 262 is hiring

We are looking for power vinyasa yoga instructors, pilates instructors and a hybrid battle ropes/yoga instructor (we are willing to train on battle ropes). If you are interested in joining our squad, please contact the studio at





join our squad!

smudge sesh + new product alert!

Smudging is a great way to clear stagnant energy in your home, office or yoga/meditation space. Smudging is the practice of waving a smoldering bush of herbs (sage or sweetgrass are most most commonly used) throughout your space to clear any unwanted energy. Most people like to smudge every few months, but you can smudge as little or as much as you want! I like to smudge after a dinner party or any event where there are a lot of people gathering at my place. Everyone carries there own energy and (call me a weirdo) but I like to give my place a good smudging just to be sure none is left behind.


There are a few items you'll need to properly smudge. You can pick up these items online or at most yoga shops. We carry beautiful sage smudge sticks as well as Palo Santos sticks with flowers and stones for smudging. Our other favorite is the smudge kit offered by Posh Candle Co. Check out the list below and let's get ready to clear some energy!

  1. Smudge Stick
  2. Fire Resistant Container
  3. Candle
  4. Matches

Step 1
You are cleaning your space of unwanted energy so concentrate on just that. Breath deeply and focus your mind and breath on the task at hand.

Step 2
Light your candle then use the candle flame to light your smudge stick. Gently wave the smudge stick back and forth until the flame is extinguished but the stick is still smoldering.

Step 3
Begin waving the smoldering stick around the room in a clockwise direction, usually starting at the front door. Continue this process in every room needing a cleaning. Be careful not to miss the corners of the room!

Step 4
When you've properly cleaned all of your spaces, press your smoldering smudge stick in a cup of sand to extinguish the flame. If you don't have any sand on hand you can also dip the tip of your smudge stick in a cup of water to ensure the flame is out. Place your smudge stick back in you fire resistant container of wrap it up and put it away until your next smudging sesh!

I use a vase to store my smudge stick. I can display it when not in use and it serves as a reminder to smudge regularly!

Smudging soon? Send us some tips or photos and tag the studio (@studiotwosixtwo)

Happy smudging!


Let's learn to love our natural beauty. Before we apply the make-up or put on a nice suit. The closer we can come to loving ourselves without all the extras, the easier it will be to accept ourselves for who we truly are as well as others for who they truly are.

"The more natural, the better."

- Brandy Norwood


In the world of misogyny that we live in today, it's important to remember "who run the world...GIRLS!" to quote the Queen Bey! And to all the guys today, sorry...not sorry (flips hair)!

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"One of the best things that happened to me is that I'm a WOMAN. That is the way all females should feel.

- Marilyn Monroe

our members keep us motivated!

When opening Studio 262, we wanted to create a fun, welcoming environment that would improve our community and bring yoga and pilates to a neighborhood that had no other fitness studio like ours. We come to work and hope to make a small change in someone's day that makes them feel better and want to start, continue or elevate their workout regime and healthy lifestyle. Sometime it's difficult to tell if that is being received until you randomly receive an email from a member sharing their experience. And in that moment, it all becomes clear and you are confident that you are doing what you set out to achieve.

Dolores (right) and our lovely instructor, Adrienne (left).

Dolores (right) and our lovely instructor, Adrienne (left).

I’m reaching out to tell you that I’m very happy that I found your studio. As a plus size female, it’s very hard for me to feel comfortable and confident in my day to day life and much less when I am trying to stay active. While taking classes at your studio I can easily say that your staff has helped with those feelings, Lena and Joaly both treated me much respect and helpfulness. There was no judgement from the moment I walked through the door and it was greatly appreciated so thank you for building such a great team.

Thank you so much for creating such a great space and I look forward to seeing you again.
— Dolores Figueroa


This quote speaks to two main ideas that we should all live by. Speak into existence what you want for yourself and your life and watch the universe deliver. Words are a powerful tool, use them wisely. Also, we need to be honest and speak the truth. Why would we say anything other else? We all deal with enough BS on a daily, let's not add to the minutia.

marshall mathers.jpg

"I am, whatever I say I am and if I wasn't, why would I say I am."

- Marshall Mathers