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As most others, we here at Studio 262, have read reports, watched Youtube videos and heard countless stories of the devastation left behind after hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico back in September of this year. With one of our own instructors, Yara Figueroa-Ross, being Puerto Rican and having family living in Puerto Rico during the storm, we wanted to do our part to help. As we looked for ways to help, the universe stepped in and pointed us in the right direction. While dropping off her daughter at school, the owner of the studio saw a sign posted on the door asking for donation items to be sent to a small town in Puerto Rico, Loiza. The residents of Loiza are still without electricity and are expected to be without electricity until February of 2018. If you’d like to add to our shipment that will be delivered to Perry Meadows Learning Center on November 14, 2017, please feel free to deliver any goods to the studio prior to that date. You can also leave donation items directly with the school as well. Perry Meadows Learning Center is located at 1986 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90018. Ask for Mr. Scott. And as an added thank you, Studio 262 will give you a free class for any items donated! Below is a list of items desperately needed:

Monetary donations

Air mattresses or $18 (includes shipping)


Feminine hygiene products

First aid kits

Hand sanitizer

Solar powered batteries (AAA, AA & D)

Flash lights

Propane fuel

Water purification tablets

Small radios

Mosquito repellent

Rubber gloves

Solar phone chargers