Smudging is a great way to clear stagnant energy in your home, office or yoga/meditation space. Smudging is the practice of waving a smoldering bush of herbs (sage or sweetgrass are most most commonly used) throughout your space to clear any unwanted energy. Most people like to smudge every few months, but you can smudge as little or as much as you want! I like to smudge after a dinner party or any event where there are a lot of people gathering at my place. Everyone carries there own energy and (call me a weirdo) but I like to give my place a good smudging just to be sure none is left behind.


There are a few items you'll need to properly smudge. You can pick up these items online or at most yoga shops. We carry beautiful sage smudge sticks as well as Palo Santos sticks with flowers and stones for smudging. Our other favorite is the smudge kit offered by Posh Candle Co. Check out the list below and let's get ready to clear some energy!

  1. Smudge Stick
  2. Fire Resistant Container
  3. Candle
  4. Matches

Step 1
You are cleaning your space of unwanted energy so concentrate on just that. Breath deeply and focus your mind and breath on the task at hand.

Step 2
Light your candle then use the candle flame to light your smudge stick. Gently wave the smudge stick back and forth until the flame is extinguished but the stick is still smoldering.

Step 3
Begin waving the smoldering stick around the room in a clockwise direction, usually starting at the front door. Continue this process in every room needing a cleaning. Be careful not to miss the corners of the room!

Step 4
When you've properly cleaned all of your spaces, press your smoldering smudge stick in a cup of sand to extinguish the flame. If you don't have any sand on hand you can also dip the tip of your smudge stick in a cup of water to ensure the flame is out. Place your smudge stick back in you fire resistant container of wrap it up and put it away until your next smudging sesh!

I use a vase to store my smudge stick. I can display it when not in use and it serves as a reminder to smudge regularly!

Smudging soon? Send us some tips or photos and tag the studio (@studiotwosixtwo)

Happy smudging!