I am the person who is chronically late. No matter what, I always think I can get ready in a shorter amount of time than is actually needed. I've finally come to terms with the fact that it takes me an hour and a half to get dressed for the day. I used a morning routine that I've read about millions of times but finally decided to try it. And it works! Take a peak and modify it so it works for you. 


Set out your clothes the night before

All of us don’t work at a yoga studio, so it entails a bit more than grabbing a pair of leggings, a uniform tank and flip flops. So, if you have to look presentable and corporate ready, pick out your outfit (and accessories!) the night before. You can also plan out your outfit in the shower or while cooking dinner. Then all you have to do is grab everything and put it on one hanger for the next morning.

Pre set your coffee maker (or pre mix your smoothie)

Set your coffeemaker the night before so it starts to brew while you’re still waking up. The smell of coffee is something amazing to wake up to. If you’re not a coffee person like myself. Prep all your ingredients for a smoothie in the blender so all you have to add is add ice and blend. If you don’t use ice simply place the container on the blender and blend away!

Wake up earlier

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can get ready leisurely or use that time to simply wake up slowly. If you’re like me you’ll need an extra 30 minutes, I just hate getting up…ugh.

Go to the light

Daylight is a natural way to wake up, so open the blinds immediately after the alarm goes off. I even sleep with the blinds open so the natural sunlight pours in when it’s time to wake up.

Drink water

Just do it. Pour a tall glass of water and sip on it from the time you wake up to the time you leave. I make a pitcher of water with sliced lemons and pieces of fresh mint for the week and pour up a glass every morning.

Do a flow

This sounds tougher than it is…the last thing you want to do is exercise the moment you wake up but this shouldn’t be a high intensity workout. It should be just enough to dampen the skin with sweat so your heart rate is accelerated. I do about a 10 minute vinyasa flow.This can also be any form of exercise you like, as long as you break a light sweat.

Get ready

Follow your normal beauty routine. Shower, read the paper, exfoliate, etc.

Set one goal

Before walking out the door, set one goal that you will attain today. No matter what, this will be the one thing you check off of your to-do list TODAY. And not something you would normally do anyway, like feed the dog or brush your teeth. No cheating!

Leave on time

Pick the time you need to leave the house to be on time and actually be locking the door to your place and leaving at that time. Not 10 minutes later but on time.

Eat breakfast

The worst way to start the day is on an empty stomach. Grab the smoothie you made earlier or grab a pice of fruit and breakfast bar on the way out the door. Just make sure you eat something.